Your Space, Your Brand

Studio Croft provides a wide range of Interior Design services to enhance the experience of your brand in the built environment.  We focus on transforming interior space to consistently reflect a company's brand image, feature it's brand story and strengthen it's brand culture.  Whether you are just starting to develop your brand or are ready to refresh your existing brand, we listen and work closely with you to clearly define the image you represent to your customers.  Check out the many ways we can work together on the Services page.  

Create an Experience

Brand image and corporate culture proclaim your mission and values to everyone who comes in contact with your business.  A branded environment extends that experience of your brand to your place of business. Your space is your brand in 3D. Studio Croft will give your brand that added dimension by designing your space to be focused on creating a passion for your values, your culture and your story!  Immerse your clients in the passion for your brand today! See what we can do on the Gallery page. 

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